I’m retiring

I look forward to seeing you at the legend table in a few years to sign photos. #blessed


I think I need to quit.


I’m on instagram! Follow me. I won’t follow you back. https://www.instagram.com/vonstrip


I know I’ve only been doing burlesque for 18 months, but I feel like now that I am getting some recognition for my work a lot of people are using me for clout. I’ve never been to half the places peope say they know me from, I don’t know who to trust anymore. (sad face… Continue reading Friends

OMG! Time

This is an honor I will remember as long as I can. props to Aphrodite for the support to get me on the cover.

New Venue

OMG. My friend just opened a venue and asked me to produce a show. It’s a christmas in July show. Does anybody have an act to Santa Baby?


I just got an acceptance letter to the Arizona Burlesque Festival. I didn’t even apply.


DId you know I wasn’t the first person to do this? I didn’t. 🙁 You can support those performers here: http://burlycares.com/